Black Church

 The Black Church is the largest gothic church in the area from Vienna to Istanbul. It was built between 1383-1480. There is a church organ with 4000 pipes inside and organ organ recitals have been given here in July and August since 1891. Why is his name black? Because the façade was darkened in the fire in 1689. Then of course they remodeled it. As a result, a Baroque church on the inside and a Gothic style church on the outside emerged. The Black Church is also famous not only for its historical stories: The first story is about bullet marks on the inner walls of the church. With a little tour inside the church, you can see bullet marks on the walls and even the bullets themselves. The tracks are not as old as you might think. These are the traces of the anti-communist revolution in Romania on December 23, 1989. They continue all the way to the church. Of course, these are anonymous tracks. Although it is not clear who fired the guns, you can feel that chaotic period. Another aspect